Liam Gallagher has made a sensational claim that his two front teeth were deliberately pulled out by police in Germany fifteen years ago, following the infamous fight that broke out between the members of Oasis, some bystanders and the cops themselves at a hotel bar in Munich.

Liam Gallagher performing liveLiam Gallagher performing live

He's grown up a lot since then, and while he's willing to accept that he's always been 'an arrogant c***', Liam still has a sneaking suspicion that he didn't sustain all his injuries during that particular brawl. In fact, he thinks that German police got their own back while he was unconscious in a cell.

Liam alleges that his teeth were 'pulled out with pliers by the f***ing German police', mainly because of how cleanly the they were detached from his gums when you'd expect some broken teeth if they were knocked they way he was informed.

'If I was to hit you in the mouth, you'd think you'd have a fat lip, right? I didn't have a fat lip. I was still f***ing whistling while I worked, mate', he told the Guardian of the night which left him arrested and fined for 50,000 euros.

'Here's what I think happened: it all went down after I kicked a copper at some point in the f***ing lobby, I think, because after that I woke up in the f***ing nick', he continued. 'So I think they give me a whack over the head in the back of the f***ing van and I think they've just gone, 'F*** you, you c***', later on. Because they were pulled out completely perfect.'

He goes on to say that the police told him that he lost his teeth after tripping and hitting them on the stairs, but, in hindsight, that just didn't make any sense to him. 'They'd have broken, wouldn't they?' He asks. 'You don't f***ing have them completely fall out like that.'

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He adds that he didn't have any 'other marks' on him when he eventually came round, and the fact that he could still whistle told him there was something fishy going on. 'They f***ing ripped them out because I did one of their geezers, that's what happened there', he concluded.