Predictably enough, Liam Gallagher is not a big fan of his brother Noel Gallagher's latest single 'Holy Mountain', and said as much to his fans on social media. But, let's face it, he would've said the same thing without hearing it first. The gibes just keep coming. 

Liam Gallagher at GQ Men of the Year AwardsLiam Gallagher at GQ Men of the Year Awards

The 45-year-old is Noel's biggest critic, and not even the latter's new album 'Who Built The Moon' - with his band Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - has impressed him. Having said that, the comments could have been a lot worse.

'Holy Mountain, eh... where do I start? Who Built The Moon, where do I end? As you were', he told his fans on Twitter, adding: 'As long as his missus likes it, as you f**king were. Onwards and upwards.'

He later said in the 'reply' section that Noel 'gets away with murder' with his songwriting, and insists 'Holy Mountain' will sound terrible alongside Oasis songs when he performs live. 'I can't wait for him to play that alongside one of the tunes I made famous, it'll stink', he said.

Liam fans were quick to slate the track too, suggesting that it sounded like Ricky Martin's 2000 hit 'She Bangs'. Liam is yet to open up on his opinion on this particular suggestion, but he has recently criticised Noel for the price of US High Flying Birds tickets.

'350 dollars to go and see rkid [our kid] in USA, what a c**t - when will it all stop? As you were', he Tweeted last month. But if you are willing to pay that kind of money to see Noel Gallagher live in the US, he'll be on tour from February 9th 2018 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral Theatre, Masonic Temple in Detroit to March 13th at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

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'Who Built The Moon?' will be released on November 24th 2017.