Liam Gallagher thinks 'Gangnam Style' is an ''absolute classic''.

The former Oasis singer is a big fan of South Korean pop sensation Psy and his cheeky global hit - which has a video which sees him cavort around performing horse dance moves next to scantily clad women - and says his son Gene, 11, loves performing the routine around the breakfast table.

When asked what he thought about the record during a Japanese video chat for his clothing line Pretty Green, Liam said: ''I think it's an absolute classic ... I love it. My kid dances to it every morning and it makes me chuckle and spit out my Corn Flakes. I can't wait to hear his new tune.''

The Beady Eye frontman - who has two other children - also revealed he loves visiting Japan and always stops to say hello to his favourite band, The Parrots, before taking a tour of Tokyo and soaking up the atmosphere.

Liam said: ''I always go see The Parrots which is a Beatles tribute band. I always pop in and say hello to them. I just like walking about generally. Just stamping about in the shops and that, I find it very interesting.''

Meanwhile, an art dealer from Zebra Gallery in Hampstead has revealed that Liam is one of their best customers and always snaps up musical paraphernalia.

Gabrielle du Plooy told The Ham & High newspaper: ''Liam Gallagher is one of the most loyal clients - he's bought a lot of rock and roll photography as well as Sir Peter Blake's sleeve for the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.''