Liam Gallagher has claimed he was only paid £25,000 for Oasis' legendary Knebworth gigs.

In 1996, the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers played two of the biggest shows in British music history at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, where they attracted a total of 250,000 fans across two nights.

And the band's former frontman has taken to Twitter to express his dismay at finding out he allegedly only earned the measly sum for the iconic performances - which were featured in Mat Whitecross' 2016 documentary film 'Oasis: Supersonic' - and that he plans to contact the group's former management Ignition to find out why.

He fumed to his 3.3 million followers: ''25 grand I got for 2 nights at knebworth ignition I'm coming for you (sic)''

Before Covid-19 halted concerts and festivals, Liam had teased a solo return to Knebworth.

He said: ''It could be good man. We've done quite ... not been big or anything, but we've done lots.

In London on the last album, we saw famous people who maybe want a party. I think it's doable, I just don't want to go... now listen, it might all go t*ts up tomorrow, you know what I mean. Just so who knows but, don't be getting ahead of yourself, but I do really.''

While Liam, 47, prefers to avoid stadium shows since Oasis broke up, he admitted that the temptation to return to Knebworth is huge and he would love to get a number of acts together to perform a festival-type show there.

He explained: ''I prefer to stay away from the stadiums. And I think, Knebworth, I can do with getting back around there again. I don't know whether it's like but, I think it's definitely doable. If you get the right line up, you get all the top bands on's well doable and I think it'd be mega. If not, we'll just do a pub in Knebworth.''

The 'Once' singer has not spoken to his brother and the Britpop legends' ex-guitarist Noel since Oasis imploded in Paris in 2009 after a huge bust-up between the pair.

And his 53-year-old sibling - who is against the idea of the 'Some Might Say' group reuniting - recently rubbished rumours he turned down £100 million to reunite with the band, but in response, Liam insisted that the mega-sum was offered to them.

He said: ''Let me tell you this: it has been offered and he knows about it.

''He's obviously gonna say no, because he'd like to be the person to break the news to people because he's the f***ing oracle.

''And obviously I'm his little brother, who's doing well and I'm here to spoil the f***ing party.

''It's not been put on the table; it's just been booted around.

''It is gonna happen, believe you me - it's gonna happen very f***ing soon because he's greedy and he loves money and he knows that it's got to happen soon or it won't happen.''