Liam Gallagher has mocked his estranged sibling Noel Gallagher's CamelPhat collaboration 'Not Over Yet' as "horse****".

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker took to Twitter to respond to his followers asking him what he thinks of his former Oasis bandmate's tech-house track with the dance music duo, and he quipped that it made him come out in a rash two seconds in.

After describing the song as "HORSE****", a user asked: "How many times have you listened to Not Over Yet?", to which Liam replied: "2 secs come out in a rash."

Another follower then told Liam, 48, that him tweeting about 'Not Over Yet' was giving his 53-year-old brother free publicity, to which he responded: "Well it needs all the publicity it can get zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sic)"

The pair have been trading insults ever since Oasis split at their final concert in Paris in 2009 after a backstage bust-up.

Meanwhile, Liam has been giving his fans little nuggets of information about his third studio album, the follow-up to his 2017 debut 'As You Were' and 2019's 'Why Me? Why Not.'

The 'Shockwave' hitmaker insisted he's "in no rush" after a fan quizzed him on whether the UK's lockdown will have any impact on him making the record.

He said: "All good no rush."

And asked if he has a title for his next single, he replied: "Yeah man."