Liam Gallagher has hit out at longtime rivals Blur and declared their music is “for posh brats”.

The 51-year-old former Oasis star responded to the Britpop group's frontman Damon Albarn, 56, who revealed several Americans have tried to claim songwriting credits for ‘Song 2’.

During Blur’s pre-Coachella warm-up gig at the Fox Theater Pomona in California, this week, Damon said: “Because of the nature of American law, if someone gets a lawyer … they can come quite a long way with absolutely no grounds. Someone else this year – not only is it that person who’s convinced they’d written it, but there was another person who was convinced.

“Firstly, I wonder why it’s only that song that they’re interested in.”

Liam then took to X to knock Damon for his comments.

He penned: “Gotta be out of your box to claim to have written that song absolute TURDOS. (sic)"

The ‘For What It’s Worth’ singer was then caught in a heated debate with Blur’s fanbase on the platform, in which one user claimed, ‘Song 2’ is “better than any song you wrote Liam."

Liam - whose estranged brother Noel Gallagher, 56, was the chief songwriter in Oasis - bit back: “I could write that standing on my head you s****bubble."

He later added: “It’s music for posh brats."

However, the ‘Live Forever’ hitmaker did have some compliments for the rock group, and admitted he wished he had written ‘Sing’, from their 1991 debut album ‘Leisure’, as it makes him cry “like a baby”.

At the height of the battle of Britpop, Oasis vs Blur, Noel infamously said he wished Damon and his bandmate Alex James, 55, would "get AIDS and die".

In other Oasis-related news, the legendary group have shared an early live recording of their seminal debut single ‘Supersonic’ to mark its 30th anniversary.

The recording is taken from their performance at the Limelight in Belfast on 4 September 1994, where they learned ‘Definitely Maybe’ had given them their first number one album in the UK.

A limited-edition replica of the original 1994 CD Single, as well as an individually numbered pearl-coloured 7-inch vinyl is available for fans to purchase.

The tracklist for the CD Single includes: ‘Supersonic’, ‘Take Me Away’, ‘I Will Believe’ (Live), ‘Columbia (White Label Demo), while the vinyl will see the first two tracks on either side.

On top of the physical editions, the re-release can be listened to with Spatial Audio via Apple Music.