Liam Gallagher is hardly well known for his charm and diplomacy, but for some reason people still get surprised when he comes out with an offensive comment. His latest remark was in regards to the late Freddie Mercury, and fans (meaning half the music world) are furious at such blasphemy.

Liam Gallagher at Isle of Wight festivalLiam Gallagher at Isle of Wight festival

The 45-year-old Oasis frontman took a swipe at the National Treasure when a fan compared the two over Twitter at the weekend. Somebody had written: 'Freddie Mercury - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Liam Gallagher - 'Songbird'.' But, unfortunately, Liam wasn't best pleased with this notion.

'F**k him the goofy c**t', he wrote back. Ouch! We can't decide which bit of that five-word vitriol was most offensive, but it didn't take long for his followers to launch their counter-attack. Naturally, Liam was forced to apologise, but he did so in the most impassive way he could manage.

'So I wake up to news that I hit another and I mean another all time low after my vile and I mean vile outburst', he wrote on Twitter. 'Outburst did somebody say outburst about Fred Mercy. I'm sooooooo sorry if I upset anybody it's a good job there's 24 hours in a day as you'll get over it.'

'I don't know why people get offended by the word c**t', he added. 'I get called a good looking c**t everyday don't hear me crying.'

The Queen frontman isn't the only person Liam has been attacking recently. He also hit out at the late Jeff Buckley for his one and only album 'Grace' ('cat being strangled as you were') as well as Coldplay ('I'm off to hang myself what the f**k is up with these people'). 

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Basically, if it's not Richard Ashcroft or the Rolling Stones who he's been supporting recently, Liam Gallagher isn't a fan. As you were.