Liam Gallagher thinks indie music is a "f***ing disease".

The singer - whose brother Noel quit Oasis last August - has blasted British bands like Bloc Party branding their music "nonsense".

He said: "I really despise this new f***ing disease of indie f***ing s**t, f***ing student music, the likes of Bloc Party and all that f***ing nonsense. They don't keep me awake at night, but it's just s**te, and they can f***ing have it mate."

The 37-year-old star - who runs his own fashion label Pretty Green - has also blasted musicians who don't take care of their appearance and thinks scruffy rockers look like homeless people.

He added to Esquire magazine: "The thing is, man, you can make your clothes look like they've been worn in and look as if they've had a bit of character, but underneath you've got to have a f***ing wash. Those f***ers wear the clothes all the f***ing time and they don't wash, so it's like, 'Where's the f***ing bench?'

"I've heard plenty of bands that can write a decent enough tune then you see them and I go, 'Thank f**k - they look like s**t.' If you look good and you've got the tunes, you're away man."