Liam Gallagher has ditched dairy from his diet to protect his voice.

The former Oasis rocker has admitted while he never used to do anything special to take care of his voice, as he's got older he's started to change his routine to look after himself, and now he won't drink milk if he knows he's got to sing that day.

Appearing on Friday's edition (04.02.22) of 'The Chris Moyles Show' on Radio X, he said: "I know it doesn't sound very rock 'n' roll, but you get older - I'm 50 this year.

"When I'm singing, there's no smoking and I don't drink dairy on the day. I just have Jasmine tea, that's good for the throat. And then obviously when that's done, I go back to how I am."

The 'Wonderwall' singer - who celebrates the milestone birthday in September - admitted he didn't take notice of advice from older musicians when he was younger, and he has some unique advice for wannabe rock stars following in his footsteps.

He quipped: "To all them young 20-year-old rock stars, just ignore what I'm saying. Then, when you get to 50, if you've still got a career going, you'll be doing your bits and bobs."

Liam - who released new single 'Everything's Electric' on Friday (04.02.22) - has revealed his upcoming new solo album 'C'mon You Know' will also feature a cover of a John Lennon classic.

He said: "There's a cover on this album that we've got coming out called Bless You by John Lennon, it's well good. I might do that [at Knebworth]. It's very sexy, very Marvin Gaye-ish, you know what I mean? Very soft and that. That's what happened when you don't drink dairy or smoke. I'm Marvin Gaye!"

Meanwhile, 'Everything's Electric' was co-written with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who also plays drums on the track.

He also turned to studio wizard Greg Kurstin for the priduction, having collaborated on his first two solo records - 2017's 'As You

Were' and 2019's 'Why Me? Why Not.' - as well as Grohl and his band's 2021 LP 'Medicine at Midnight' and 2017's 'Concrete and Gold'.