OASIS singer Liam Gallagher was assaulted by estate agents in a German bar, not a Mafia-linked mob as previously thought.

The raucous frontman had two front teeth punched out and saw two of his personal minders beaten to the floor during the fight with five men at the Munich hotel in 2002 - and police originally suspected the group had underworld links.

However, investigators have now discovered the five men who assaulted Gallagher were four estate agents and a computer worker, who began the altercation after the LIVE FOREVER star and his entourage began flicking peanuts at them.

Now police say the five men may face Grievous Bodily Harm charges, and Liam also could be charged.

Prosecutor ANTON WINKLER says, "He (Gallagher) was the worst one. He assaulted a police officer who was trying to pull the others apart.

"If proceedings are brought he could face a fine or a suspended sentence. A decision will be made shortly."

Tests revealed father of three Gallagher had taken cocaine at the time of the fight.

05/05/2004 02:41