Liam Gallagher says Beady Eye are taking their time with their second album.

The frontman - who formed the group with the remaining members of Oasis following their 2009 split after Noel Gallagher quit - admits their first LP, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', was slightly rushed so this time they want to slow things down.

He said: ''The first album came straight off the back of Oasis splitting up and we just wanted to be in a band again, so we just went straight in and did it. This time, we're taking our time a bit. We're not worried with having to be out there, we'll be there when the songs are absolutely Bang On.''

However, Liam admits he's always wanted things to progress quickly even when he was in Oasis, as he likes to make the most of all his time.

He told BBC 6Music: ''We had the rug pulled from us by 'a certain someone', we didn't want the band to split up. We wanted to crack on and even when Oasis used to finish tours and talk about having years off, we'd all be like 'We're not getting any younger and if you like something, keep doing it all the time, have six months and then let's make another record'. So that's what we did with this one. The songs are a lot better on this album, they have to be.''