Lewis Capaldi has reassured fans that he's not ditched ''depressing songs''.

The Scottish pop star revealed he's been penning lots of upbeat tunes in lockdown, but he has vowed to ''squeeze out'' some sad ones.

Speaking to Joe Jonas on Instagram Live, he spilled:''There are happy songs in there. But don't worry, I will squeeze out some depressing songs.

''Everything I've written so far has been a lot faster than the old stuff but it's still just as lyrically depressing.''

The 23-year-old singer has had no problem with writer's block, but recently insisted not everything he's churning out will be usable, as he quipped that ''diarrhoea also flows''.

He recently said: ''It's flowing, but diarrhoea also flows, doesn't mean that you want it!

''It's going pretty well so far but I'm just getting started, and everything I do right now I am like, 'Oh, that's exciting.'

''But when you everything goes back to normal, I'll realize I've written 12 songs about the same four walls.''

The 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker and has also been working with former One Direction star Niall Horan on new music.

The pair have become good friends and they've been using their time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic to catch up on video conferencing app Zoom while laying down some ideas for new songs.

In an Instagram Live, Niall said: ''I didn't see him this weekend.

''We usually have a few drinks on a Saturday night on Zoom but we didn't chat this weekend.

''I think I'm writing with him at some point this week. We have a little schedule going.''

The two musicians - who were set to hit the road together this year for the 'Nice To Meet Ya' tour before the health crisis meant the run had to be cancelled - have worked on new material together in the past.

Opening up on their secret collaboration, Lewis previously joked: ''We did do a song together. I love it.

''I don't know if it will come out, I hope it will. I really, really need the money.''