Levi Johnston has managed to hit the target again! Or rather his sperm have, after the 21 year-old managed to impregnate another of his girlfriends. Johnston of course is the former fiance of Bristol Palin - the daughter of John McCain's former running mate Sarah Palin - and has a child with her. However, according to Tmz.com he's not getting to see a great amount of his kid after Palin Snr and her husband Todd refused to allow him access to his son Tripp.
The result? Johnston's now having a child with 20 year-old Sunny Oglesby. He's apparently been dating her for just over a year, with the school teacher believed to be less than three months pregnant. Such actions are likely to anger the Palins yet further, which Johnston can add to his other catalogue of errors that include coming out publicly against Sarah and MCCain's manifesto of not having sex out of wedlock, and speculating in 2009 that she'd resigned early from office owing to marital problems, the pressures of the job and other lucrative offers. All of these were vehemently denied.
It's perhaps no surprise then that seeing his son is proving tricky for Johnston; never mind that though, because a new family lies on the horizon, one that he's apparently "so excited" to be starting.