Congratulations to Levi Johnston , former fiance of Bristol Palin and quite clearly one of the most virile men on the planet. After getting Palin pregnant back in 2008, he's only gone and done the same thing with his new girlfriend Sunny Oglesby and the pair have just given birth to their new baby Breeze Beretta. Beretta was born yesterday and came in weighting a sprightly six pounds and 15 ounces and it means that, aged just 22, Johnston already has two children; his first being three year-old son Tripp who he had with Palin.

Pictures of the new arrival show Johnston with the proud mother and baby, the three of them looking for all the world like a happy family. Given that this time round his prospective mother-in-law isn't doing anything high profile like working as a running mate for the Republican's Presidential candidate, we'd hope that they'll be allowed to adjust to become parents together in a little more solitude than Johnston and Palin were allowed last time.

It was a fairly messy break-up between Bristol and Levi, and the now-father of two wasn't shy in giving his opinions on the Palin family in a series of interviews through 2009, including blaming marital difficulties as the reason to why Sarah dropped out of politics. He and Bristol got back together in 2010 for a very short time before ending it again. Hopefully this time round with Sunny things'll be happier.