Review of Blackest Beautiful Album by letlive

Let the fresh and unique combination of melodic, screaming vocals, heavy guitars with reggae vibes and inspiring lyrics, live. 

letlive Blackest Beautiful Album

The influences on Letlive.'s new record, Blackest Beautiful, are so clear it could pass as a Rage Against The Machine, Skindred and Bring Me The Horizon greatest hits constellation on a nu-metal version of NOW hits: 2013. With such a broad selection of styles, it is intentionally difficult to marginalise letlive. into a single genre, as they remain so positively unpredictable with each track supplying a different sound, yet containing the same unmistakable identification recognised with letlive. 

Opening track 'Banshee (Ghost Fame)' immediately informs you what letlive. are all about - freedom. The band aren't afraid to use daring lyrics to compliment their daring sound; as 'Banshee' openly states, the tragic humour in the entertainment industry which can 'bastardise' an ideal or person. Their courage is admirable and their sound astonishing. 

'Empty Elvis' is strategically placed after 'Banshee' to reinforce previous fans that despite the groovy licks featured on 'Banshee', the band are still connected to their original 'heavier' sound from debut album Fake History. The opening screaming vocals are contrasted by the slower epilogue of the song supported by slower power chords and divergent vocals similar to those of Norma Jean frontman Cory Brandan. 

Despite 'White America's Beautiful Black Market' having America in the title, it doesn't diminish the demographics who can relate to it. The song looks at government control particularly in healthcare using reggae metal influences similar to Skindred, whilst bearing a resemblance to CKY to provide a sense of social inequality via the use of percussive instruments such as bongos which are more often associated with street musicians. The track sounds similar to 'Homeless Jazz' featured on Fake History. 

Both 'Younger' and 'The Dope Beat' contain post-hardcore influences and softer nu-metal rock vibes similar to Papa Roach and Korn. The songs reinforce the diversity and appeal of letlive. 

letlive. have created a foundation with influences from multiple genres whilst maintaining a personal and unique sound which makes them a promising leader for the rising 'f*** you generation', sharing attributes with Rage Against The Machine. Due to the unpredictability of letlive., it is difficult to perceive their future, but whether they continue with experimental post-hardcore sounds or decide to settle on a more concentrated and focused genre, they will continue to grow in popularity. And angst. 

Harry Hawcroft

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