Hell Baby is about to implant itself within US cinemas with a comedy horror experience that follows the story of Vanessa , played by Leslie Bibb (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Iron Man 2) and her husband Jack, played by Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine, Blades of Glory) as they move into a dilapidated New Orleans house with dreams of fixing it up, but the expectant couple miss the warning signs of 'Maison de Sang' (House of Blood), and know little of the house's dark history. Soon Vanessa begins acting in a disturbing, almost possessed way, requiring the intervention of two Vatican exorcists to find out what's really growing inside the housewife's body.

Leslie Bibb
Something Strange Is About To Emerge From Leslie Bibb...

Hell Baby writer-directors Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are known for their work on Reno 911! and Night at the Museum and Hell Baby will be the pair's directorial debut together. The trailer promises a lewd, crude affair, with plenty of lampooning of classic paranormal horror clichés, such as scenes from the notorious The Exorcist. The film is low-budget and low-brow, with the trailer only giving a flavour of the boobs, f-bombs and over-the-top gore that is to come.

Rob Corddry
How Will Rob Corddry Cope As The Devil's Dad?

The movie, due for US release in the next few weeks, premiered at January's Sundance Film Festival to a surprising amount of excitement, perhaps as a result of the all-star comedy cast of Riki Lindholme, Paul Scheer, Keegan Michael Kay, Rob Huebel and Michael Ian Black. If the horror comedy doesn't turn out to be a stomach-churningly crass failure, it could cement itself as a classic guilty pleasure movie that groups of adolescents gather round to watch at Halloween to giggle at boobs, haunted houses and demonic childbirth.

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Hell Baby will be released in the USA on 25th July.