The legendary Les Paul was posthumously honoured yesterday (10/9/2011) at his Prairie Home gravesite in Waukesha, south east Wisconsin, just over two years after he sadly passed away at the age of 94.

The public dedication ceremony saw a new granite memorial installed on his grave, with PR Web reporting that the memorial is 500 square feet in size, going on to say that the event saw family and close friends provide anecdotes of spending time with the famous guitarist.

The monument was designed and built by Rock of Ages of Vermont following commission by The Les Paul Estate and the site is said to contain slabs with the deceased musician's biography etched onto them. MICHAEL BRAUNTSTEIN, Executive director of The Les Paul Foundation set up by Les Paul to fund aspiring young musicians, commented that, "The memorial shares Les' legacy with all who visit the site. We are very pleased with how everything looks," before going on to remark that Paul chose to be in Waukesha; "We know the people of his hometown will cherish this site as Les Paul cherished his hometown."

The jazz and blues guitarist will forever have his name in music history after pioneering the world's first ever solid-body electric guitar, nicknamed "The Log" in 1940. Relentless in his exploration of music recording techniques, the American went on to create the 8-track recorder and only passed away in 2009, aged 94.