Cameron Mackintosh's Les Miserables, which first opened at New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse in 2010, has made the transition to Broadway and is destined to become one of the biggest shows of the year - but is it any good?

Ramin KarimlooRamin Karimloo Stars in 'Les Miserables'

The production hit the Broadway stage on Sunday night (March 23, 2014) for its first preview show, though faced some stiff criticism from reviewers.

Michael Dale of said: "Plagued with uninspired acting and singing voices that do not seem up to their tasks, this grand return is notably disappointing."

Dale wrote that Ramin Karimloo, who plays Kean Valjean, had a "lovely voice" but ultimately "offers little of interest in the acting department."

He concluded: "It's not a good sign when a production of Les Mis leaves you anxiously waiting for Gavroche to come back on."

Joe Dziemianowicz of the New York Daily News said: "For this show to really work, you need something of an even battle between Javert and Valjean. There's no contest in this "Les Miserables" - and that's the miserable part."

Cameron MackintoshCameron Mackintosh's Production Has Hit Broadway

"Although it offers many rich new details and an emphasis on violence, the revival is marred by miscasting and bad singing. Often it feels as if you're watching "American Idol Presents Les Misérables"" from Matt Windman of AMNewYork.

He added: "The revival is disheartening for those who were raised on the original show, which had an elegant and extremely effective simplicity. What "Les Miz" really needs is a rest. Too much of even a great musical can be nauseating. This "Les Miz" feels less like a revival than a ritual."

Les Miserables is now showing at the Imperial Theatre in New York-where the original production ran for 16 years.

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