Audiences in two London theatres had to be evacuated on Saturday (3rd January) after the theatres suffered a power cut.

The audiences of the Queen's Theatre and Gielgud Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenues were both evacuated. The audience at the Queen's Theatre was evacuated during a performance of Les Misérables and the audience watching the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at the Gielgud were also evacuated. The cast, who were in full costume, were also turned out of the theatre and reportedly assisted audience members by providing directions.  

Both theatres, containing more than 1000 people, were evacuated as a precaution after the power was cut. The London Fire Brigade was called out and it became apparent a transformer which serves both theatres had overheated, according to reports in the BBC. It further appears a small fire in a boiler room at the Queen's Theatre had broken out, according to a LFB spokesperson speaking to the Belfast Telegraph

The fire brigade were called out at 3pm, less than half an hour into the matinee performances, and left at approximately 4.30pm. The spokesperson explained how the theatre and surrounding area was now safe.

"It [the Queen's Theatre] was declared safe by the UK Power Network and the two fire crews have now left the scene. Around 1,200 persons had already been evacuated as a precaution before the arrival of the crews.There was no injuries or serious fire," the LBF spokesperson said in a statement. 

Although audience members may have been disgruntled at missing the performance, the show must go on for the cast who were forced on to the streets in full costume. The official Twitter page of Les Misérables thanked the cast of Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre for their "hospitality" and tweeted a number of photographs of various cast members attempting to keep warm. 

Fortunately the audience for tonight's performance have been unaffected and the cast expressed their enthusiasm for tonight's show after an afternoon spent in the cold. A tweet on the Les Misérables reads: "The show is back on tonight, and we haven't burnt much energy. So we're gonna be on fire!"