Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf of Wall Street', starring Leonardo Dicaprio as the Wall Street broker and party boy Jordan Belfort, hit the theatres this week and has been highly praised by critics.

The real-life inspiration behind the intriguing story, Jordan Belfort, could now make the unusual transition from New York stockbroker to reality TV star.

Electus CEO Chris Grant, who helmed shows like 'Fashion Star' and 'Mob Wives', recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Belfort's new television venture.

When reading the 2007 memoir, 'The Wolf of Wall Street', Grant became fascinated with the extraordinary life of its narrator.

"I knew without even seeing a picture of him that he could be a talent both behind and in front of the camera," says Grant.

He tracked down Belfort after serving a 28 month prison sentence, for stealing millions of dollars from investors, to hash out a pitch that will focus on the criminal's "unique set of business skills."

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The 51 year-old is reportedly now a successful motivational speaker who works out of Manhattan Beach, California.

The show will highlight people, like Belfort, who have hit the all-time low and are looking for redemption, with the former Wall Street shark helping them along the way.

So far television networks love the premise of the show but it has not yet been signed to one.

Grant tod THR "Belfort was described to us after leaving the room as 'TV gold," after television executives met with him.

'The Wolf of Wall Street' hit theatres on December 25th 2013.

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort