Leonardo Dicaprio wants to bring the life of American president Theodore Roosevelt to the movies and reportedly has plans to take centre-stage in a new biopic directed by Martin Scorsese. "Leo is telling friends that after his latest movie proved to be a massive box office hit, he's pushing forward with his biopic of Roosevelt which will re-team him with The Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese," a source said to RadarOnline.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Wants To Play Theodore Roosevelt In A Biopic.

If all goes ahead with the Roosevelt biopic, it probably won't be the first time the Titanic actor has played a US president. He is said to have a Woodrow Wilson biopic in the works, apparently to be based on A. Scott Berg's acclaimed biography of the divisive Democrat leader.

Following in the footsteps of the Wilson film, the Roosevelt biopic will reportedly be based on Edmund Morris' Pulitzer prize winning biography The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, charting the famous 26th president from childhood to the political leadership.

Leonardo DiCaprio J Edgar Hoover
DiCaprio As 'J. Edgar.'

March's Academy Awards will tell if DiCaprio has won his first ever elusive lead actor Oscar, after having been nominated many times. If he takes home the prize, confidence in his skill will be bolstered enough to see dreams like a Roosevelt biopic turn into reality. "He says it's 'now or never' as he's patiently waited almost a decade for the money to materialize," the source said, adding "He'll do whatever it takes."

Wolf of wall street hill scorsese dicaprio
If DiCaprio Wins That Elusive Oscar For 'The Wolf Of Wall Street,' The Sky WIll Be The Limit.

After having filmed three major blockbusters, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained, the 39 year-old star took a deserved year off but is apparently now "raring" to go again with his next project, which he plans to be very big indeed.

"This is the movie Leo wants to win an Oscar for, and he talks about it all the time. Leo is telling people he is already done with the year off he took after completing The Wolf of Wall Street and is raring to play Teddy Roosevelt," said the source.