Leonardo Dicaprio is set to star as the controversial FBI director J EDGAR HOOVER in a forthcoming biopic, and the first stills from the movie have been released.
LEONARDO DICAPRIO, the 36-year-old American actor, is set to star alongside ARMIE HAMMER and Naomi Watts in the upcoming movie 'J. Edgar', charting the rise and fall of the FBI's J EDGAR HOOVER.On-set photographer ERIC FORD has released the first stills from the movie, showing DiCaprio, as Hoover, riding a bicycle. It is reported that the image relates to a scene in which Hoover hastily exits his family home and promptly cycles away down the street. On closer inspection the image also features Clint Eastwood, the movie's director, looking on from behind the camera lens. The film, currently midway through filming, chronicles the life and times of the Federal Bureau of Investigations first director, who held office from 1935 till his death from a heart attack in 1972.
Hoover has been portrayed on screen numerous times before, most notably by Bob Hoskins in the 1995 OLIVER STONE flick 'Nixon' and more recently by Billy Crudup in Michael Mann's 'Public Enemies'. 'J. Edgar' is scheduled to hit cinemas in 2012.