Leonardo Dicaprio has become the subject of intense internet scrutiny since a now-viral video posted online seems to show the Wolf of Wall Street actor dancing crazily at Coachella Festival.

Leonardo DiCaprio Critics Choice
A Coachella Punter Claims To Have Caught Leonardo DiCaprio Partying On Film.

It's no secret that 39 year-old movie star is at the annual Californian bash and he has been snapped many times in the same outfit that the dancing man in the low-quality video appears to be wearing.

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio Was Wearing A Very Similar Outfit To This One When He Was Allegedly Filmed.

A fan noticed Leo - or at least someone who looked very, very like him - and began filming his rave dancing and even a dance-off with a fellow reveller to MGMT's 'Kids' hit. We never see the man's face in the video but the woman filming the scene seemed to be pretty sure about who the stranger was.

Watch Fan Footage Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Coachella Dancing:

Both dancing men in the video seem to be wearing scarves or sweaters tied around their faces, which wouldn't be unusual considering the sandstorm-prone dry conditions of the festival. However, it could be an excuse to hide a certain A-lister's identity whilst he lets his hair down after a storming year in movie-making.

Toni Garrn
Leonardo Is Attending The Festival With His Girlfriend, The Model Toni Garrn.

Rather than trying to look cool by nodding moodily to the music like many of the other punters at the show, "Leonardo" parties unabashedly, jumping in the air, kicking his legs around and boogying on down with his friend in a crowd clearing.

DiCaprio has been spotted out-and-about at the music event with his girlfriend, the 21 year-old model Toni Garrn. Regardless of whether it is confirmed to be real or not, the video is ripe for a little meme-ing and will surely soon be appearing in social network feeds as the internet gets in on the act.

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