By now you’ve probably all seen that video of a man thought to be Leonardo Dicaprio busting out some serious dance moves at Coachella over the weekend. Whilst Leo hasn’t come out to confirm or deny that was him, the generally consensus online seems to be that yes indeed it was the Titanic star. With all the internet furor the clip has created we thought this one we needed some further investigation before we decided it was definitely DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio as we're used to seeing him

In the thirteen second clip, a man is seen seemingly having the time of his life, partying with friends. Of course a man dancing like an idiot during a MGMT festival set is nothing to write home about, or even bother recording, but if the man is Leonardo DiCaprio, then you’ve got an epic viral video on your hands. From what we can see it seems that maybe when Leo’s not being a suave red carpet darling he really likes to let loose and show off some priceless dance moves, worthy of any dad at a wedding.

By the look on her delighted face, the girl who filmed it seems to be certain it was indeed DiCaprio and the internet seems to agree. But what do we know for sure? Well DiCaprio was indeed at Coachella, earlier in the day he was seen at the Desert Pool Party with rumored new girlfriend, Toni Garrn. In the pictures, DiCaprio is wearing a pretty much identical outfit to the dancing man, albeit without a scarf hiding his face.

Then there are also some other photos circulating online of what is said to be DiCaprio inside the festival with the scarf over his face and really it does look like Leo. Though some might wonder why DiCaprio might have want to obscure his award wining face, well firstly it’s not easy being a Hollywood A-lister and Leo might just have wanted to to party with the masses anonymously. In which case we’ve got to say sorry Leo that was a fail. Or maybe he just knew there was a good chance he’d be kicking up some dust with his dance moves and he didn’t want to risk any harm to his good looks. If it was the later, well done sir.

In further investigating the video, we’ve found two very big clues that Leo is and has always been a secret dancer. First this quote uncovered by E! from when DiCaprio was on the Ellen Degeneres show last year, the actor said, “"I used to be a pop-locker when I was in elementary school. It's actually one of the reasons why I didn't get an agent, because I auditioned and I had a punk rock haircut and I danced like a little street dancer, and they rejected me.” Then our second clue is Leo’s demonstration of these moves in the Wolf of Wall Street last year, which very much looked like the dancing skills of our favourite Coachella goer.

So is it 100% certain that it's Leonardo DiCaprio in that video? Well we wouldn't want to say anything for sure until the man himself confirms, but if it isn't that was the best masked Leonardo DiCaprio impersonation we’ve ever seen. Really we just want this to actually be Leo, because as much as we wanted to party with him before, now we know he can dance like that, we really want to.

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