Once again we find ourselves bewilderedly pondering how Leonardo Dicaprio has managed to come so far in his career with six Oscar nominations but no win. He's like a modern day Richard Burton or Peter O'Toole; two other Hollywood superstars that famously failed to land a win.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The RevenantWe're behind you, Leo!

But we reckon this year is the year that he finally lands his well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor after his remarkable performance in the Hugh Glass biographical thriller 'The Revenant'; a film about an explorer who embarks on a journey of revenge after he is left for dead by his party following a bear attack. Here's why we think he's going to get it this year:

1. 'The Revenant' has the most nominations - It's easily swamped the other movies of 2015 with 12 nominations at this year's Academy Awards, which only serves to suggest that it will be a strong winner in some areas. Okay, so it doesn't really mean much, and it certainly doesn't mean he'll win Best Actor. But still, it's a good sign.

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2. The odds are on - He's the bookies favourite to land the accolade which can only be a good thing. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu is also the odds on winner for Best Director, though at the moment, 'Spotlight' is tipped just higher than 'The Revenant' for the main Best Picture win.

3. He's already a winner - The film has already won him almost half of the 30-plus awards he's been nominated for (which is a lot better a percentage than 'The Wolf Of Wall Street, for example, which was also up for numerous awards in 2013) including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. 

Alejandro González Iñárritu and Leonardo DiCaprioAlejandro González Iñárritu and Leonardo DiCaprio are both up for awards

4. Everyone's rooting for him - His co-star in arguably his most famous film, 'Titanic', is strongly behind him. Kate Winslet starred in 'Steve Jobs' with Michael Fassbender last year, but instead of backing him for Best Actor, she's leaning more in DiCaprio's direction. 'I think you can sort of feel it and I think everyone wants it for him', she revealed on the red carpet at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards. 'It's probably going to be Leo's year.'

5. It's about time - Not only is Winslet sure it's his year, but Leo himself has also confessed, in so many words, that it's about time he landed the accolade. 'The truth of the matter is that I've been in situations before where I've thought films or performances, either mine or others, should be either nominated more or adored by the public, or critics should revere it more', he revealed on the Andrew Marr Show. 'But it's beyond your control.' He also added that he, his co-stars and the crew 'gave it everything we possibly could' - so if this doesn't earn him Best Actor, we don't know what will. And it looks like he doesn't either.

6. He deserves it - He's never worked so hard in his life. This is literally the most gruelling thing DiCaprio has ever done movie-wise, with Iñárritu insistant that computer-generated imagery should be avoided where possible and even moving filming to snowy peaks of Argentina when Canada got too warm. 'I think certainly the conditions that we had to shoot in were the main thing, the freezing cold temperatures', DiCaprio tells Andrew Marr. 'But everyone that was a part of this movie - including myself - knew from the very onset that we were getting involved in something that was going to be incredibly challenging.'

Leonardo DiCaprioLeo has probably never been so cold in his life