Reports of DiCaprio selling his home have come accompanied by some rather disparaging remarks about the Django Unchained actor’s choice of interior design. The Daily Mail have published pictures of the Malibu beachfront property and branded it “bland” and “plain” and lacking in “strong character.” Perhaps there’s a touch of the green-eyed monster going on here; Leonardo Dicaprio bought that property for $6 million in 2002 and if he gets anywhere near his asking price for the luxury pad, he’ll have done pretty well out of the deal.

The 37 year-old actor has been renting out the seven bedroom property over the summer, for a staggering $150,000 per month for a six month rental, or less (a bargain at $75,000 per month if the tenant wanted a longer stay) but has now decided that he’s going to sell up instead. It’s a pretty impressive looking mansion, by our reckoning and boasts “six and a half” bathrooms. If nothing else, it’s worth buying just so that you can experience the wonder of going to the toilet in half a bathroom, whatever that may entail.

Once you’ve finished marvelling at that, of course you’ll probably want to step outside and marvel at the ocean views, from the private garden, or watch the sun go down over the beach, whilst you’re sat by the fire pit. Or you can play hide and seek in the 2,633 square feet of grounds… uh, actually, has anyone got $23 million they could lend us?