The actor, who played Mr. Spock in the cult sci-fi series, passed away in March (15), aged 83, after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

His son, Adam Nimoy, subsequently announced plans to honour his dad's memory in his film For the Love of Spock to celebrate the Star Trek franchise's 50th anniversary next year (16), and now he is turning to the public to help raise $600,000 (£375,000) for the project.

He tells, "The funding of this film through Kickstarter will enable us to continue with production — which will mostly take the form of filming interviews of dad’s friends, colleagues and family members. It will also enable us to license the hundreds of film clips and still photographs of Mr. Spock as he has appeared on television and in feature films over the last 50 years."

Nimoy has recruited Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in J.J. Abrams' recent movies based on the cult show, to narrate the documentary and his crowdfunding campaign has been given a boost by his dad's co-star, William Shatner, who spread the news of the Kickstarter project on his page.

In a post on Wednesday (03Jun15), Shatner writes, "Have you heard that Adam Nimoy, son of @TheRealNimoy has launched a kickstarter to do a doc about his dad?". He also shared a link to the page, which had raised more than $33,000 (£20,625) as WENN went to press.