Review of The Grape and The Grain Album by Leo Abrahams

Review of Leo Abrahams' album 'The Grape and The Grain'

Leo Abrahams The Grape and The Grain Album

Leo Abrahams is somewhat of a musical genius; outstanding guitarist, producer and film score writer. His latest project 'The Grape and The Grain' is an album from a discography of many. Without knowing it you will have heard Abrahams before having been a session guitarist for other artists such as Annie Lennox, Brian Eno, Ed Harcourt and Grace Jones to name only a few from a long list.

The first thought upon receiving an instrumental album to review is 'well how do I review this?' The answer I have found is put the album on and let Leo do the rest. 'The Grape and The Grain' is an album that conjures up vistas of flowing meadows, babbling streams and demure damsels stepping lightly through hay fields whilst being warmed by the late afternoon sun.

Abrahams said that on this album he "wanted to make a very direct, physical, yet delicate album" at which he has succeeded. Very little plug-ins or effects were used which gives this collection of songs a raw but reassuring feel.

From the confident and enticing 'Come in the Morning' with simple chords changes, rhythmic percussion and a dreamy hurdy gurdy, to the warm double bass and brushes of 'Spring Snow' you will not be disappointed at having taken some time out to listen to this album.

The title track is a laid back song with a very summery feel which is followed by 'New Wine' with its more upbeat Tabla drums and accordion. By the third song on this album you will have forgotten you are listening to an instrumental album which will leave you reaching for this CD whenever you feel like chilling out, or on the day after you had that one beer too many.

An interesting song on the album is 'Ends Meet' with some interesting use of the whole guitar to provide percussion. The most appealing song of the album however has to be 'Ghost on Every Corner' with its melancholic picked guitar and almost sobbing accordion all held together by the cello, you are left wanting to hear more of the same.

A well crafted, beautiful album that creates imagery like no other.

Highlights: Come in the Morning, Spring Snow, Ghost on Every Corner

Rating: 8/10

Pablo Roffey

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