Lenny Kravitz teased wanting to join Channing Tatum in the new ‘Magic Mike’ movie.

The ‘It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over’ hitmaker joked about getting his 33-year-old daughter Zoe Kravitz’s boyfriend, 42, to give him a part in ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’, the hotly anticipated third drop in the sexy franchise, which is due out early next year.

The 58-year-old rocker - who had the 'Big Little Lies' star with his actress ex Lisa Bonet, 54 - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Well I figured, you know, your boyfriend might give me a job."

However, he admitted he might have “missed the boat” but was keeping his options open.

Lenny quipped: “There’s always number four."

Along with his dreams to star in the next movie - which is looking less likely as the film is believed to be the final one in the franchise - the Grammy winner urged how “important” it is to look after himself.

Lenny said: “I eat clean. I I do take care of my body -- my mind, my spirit, all of it. It's all important to keep moving in this life."

The ‘Shotgun Wedding’ star gushed how the shoot in Dominican Republic with Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Coolidge was “like summer camp”.

Lenny said: "We were jamming, we were playing music. Saturdays we would have a film day, where we would watch one of the people that was in the movie. So there we are, sitting in this little movie theater at this house with Jennifer Coolidge watching ‘Best in Show’ or Cheech [Marin] watching ‘Up in Smoke’. A lot of people hadn't seen some of the other people's films, so it was really fun."

The ‘Fly Away’ hitmaker admitted he was “still hungry” to create more music since his debut in the 80s.

"It's fresh, you know, I'm still hungry, I'm still motivated, I'm still inspired. AndI still love going into the studio just as much as when I was in high school. The magic of what can happen, what can be created, and exposing that, you know, whatever it is that I've been going through."

"That's always exciting to do -- to play new music and share it with the people, because that's why I do it."