Lenny Kravitz thinks the world is ''losing its mind'' amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 56-year-old music star thinks it's imperative that communities remain ''together'' during the health crisis, rather than allowing divisions to widen.

Asked what message he'd like to share with the world, Lenny replied: ''Faith, love, understanding, tolerance.

''The world is losing its mind at the moment, and we really have to put all of our energy into keeping ourselves together and moving forward, so that we don't destroy ourselves and each other, and the planet, which we are destroying as we speak.

''All of our energy really has to be put into this.''

Lenny also revealed he takes inspiration from everyday situations.

The musician admitted he feels creatively inspired by a wide array of different things, including the world of politics.

Asked what inspires him, Lenny told WWD: ''Life itself in every situation - people, relationship, what's going on on the planet, spirituality - everything [including] politics. Just life, just moments, mood, feelings. It's all beautiful.''

Lenny is set to release his first memoir, 'Let Love Rule', in October, and he's likened the writing process to a form of ''therapy''.

Speaking about the challenge, he explained: ''It was therapy, it really was.

''I learned so much about myself and about all the dynamics around me - especially between myself and my father, and it was a beautiful experience.''

Lenny was initially reluctant to release a memoir, but he's now glad that he agreed to do it.

He admitted: ''I never thought of writing a memoir, especially at this point.

''David Ritz, who worked on the book with me, suggested that I write a book. I had never thought about it, and he convinced me to do so and I'm really glad that I did.''