Lenny Kravitz drank shots of sotol with the cast of 'Shotgun Wedding.'

The 58-year-old rock legend stars alongside the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in the upcoming action movie received a "secret bottle" during the shoot in the Dominican Republic, which he shared amongst the cast and crew.

He said: "I got this dusty bottle of spirit, a secret bottle. I was immediately intrigued so I started pouring shots for everybody. Everybody was digging it!"

The mystery spirit turned out to be sotol - which is known as the state spirit of Chihuahua, Durango, and Coahuila - and the 'Fly Away' hitmaker went on to head out to the Mexican region himself and ended up teaming up with the company to become a partner.

He told PEOPLE: "I hung out in Chihuahua and I spent time watching the whole process, talking with them, learning, getting my education. Then I became partners with them. It is the best-kept secret in Mexico! I want to bring [sotol] out to the world now and introduce the art form ... to folks that don't know. These folks that I met have been doing this for generations. It's something that they're really proud of. It's their culture, it's their art form. I was fortunate to become friends with these people. It's the flavour and complexities. I love smoke, meaning smokiness. Whether it's in food or a fragrance, I've always gravitated toward that smoky feeling. And the first thing I noticed was how wonderful the smokiness was.

"People are digging it. It has a familiar vibe for people that like tequila or like mezcal. It's different. But it's in that family."