Lenny Kravitz was delighted to be asked to front a campaign for ''iconic'' Yves Saint Laurent's fragrance Y.

The 'Fly Away' hitmaker is the new global ambassador for the fashion house's popular scent and admitted he's been a fan of the ''classic'' brand for years.

He told WWD: ''The brand is classic, it's iconic.

''I'm a big fan of Mr. Saint Laurent and what he accomplished, his artistry. I've been following the brand for years and years.

''I've been wearing Saint Laurent for ages. I feel as though so many of those clothes are made for me -- they really fit my aesthetic, my silhouette, my lifestyle, and so when the brand approached me to do this collaboration, I was instantly on board.''

The 56-year-old rocker was first introduced to YSL when he used to play in his mother's closest as a child.

Asked his first memories of the brand, he said: ''That would have been back in the early Seventies, when my mother was wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

''My mother had great style, and she used to wear all kinds of beautiful garments. She'd be dressed [in the fashion], but I also used to as a kid play in her closet.

''I loved all the stuff she had in her closet -- really colorful and vibrant, and had a lot of flair.

''She had great accessories, and I used to pretend to be a rock 'n' roll musician. I'd play with her clothes. Scarves and belts and boots and jackets -- all kind of stuff.''

Lenny remembers how grown up he felt when he first started wearing fragrance.

He said: ''I'd say [it] was by junior high school, when the guys start wearing cologne. That's one of the signs that you are growing up, right? You shave and you wear cologne...

''I'm sure it was me playing around with my grandfather's Old Spice.''