Review of Lost In A Moment Album by Lene Marlin

Lene Marlin
"Lost In A Moment"

Album Review

Lene Marlin Lost In A Moment Album

Twenty-four year old singer-songwriter Lene Marlin was born in Tromso, Norway, and first started playing guitar at 15. A few years later she was already in the studio recording her first single, and she found success in 2000 with the radio-friendly "Sitting Down Here", which scored her a top five position in the UK. She has now released her third album, entitled "Lost In A Moment".

Beginning with a sweet acoustic melody, "My Lucky Day" is invaded by a burst of electric guitar, which all sets the tone for a catchy light-rock track that is marginally spoiled by overly predictable lyrics. Lead single "How Would It Be" is of the same mould, but the driven verse sections are disappointed by a lack of hook and a weak chorus. These tracks, along with "Wish I Could", don't match the standards of Martin's contemporaries such as Michelle Branch and Sheryl Crow, with the reason being that her voice gets lost within the songs.

It is on the mellower, acoustic tracks on which Marlin's voice gets the setting it deserves, for it is undeniable that she is indeed a fine singer. "All I Can Say" is an example of this, and the swooning backing vocals are implemented to good effect over a sweet melody. Although it never quite takes off, the Corrs-esque "Eyes Closed" also adds weight to her being more suited to songs of a calmer nature. It is during these moments of the record that you realise what an honest and introspective songwriter Marlin is, a quality to be genuinely admired, as she doesn't ask for sympathy. Instead she speaks her mind, with moods of sadness occasionally giving way to momentary optimism. It is for these reasons that "Hope You're Happy" and "It's True" are highlights of an inconsistent album, very good at its best, and easily forgettable at its worst.

Alex Lai