Review of Another Day Album by Lene Marlin

Lene Marlin’s ‘Another Day’
Lene Marlin’s ‘Another Day’ - Album Review

Lene Marlin’s

Another Day

Lene Marlin sounds fragile on this record and on some tracks it actually sends shivers down your spine. Some comparisons could be made to Alanis Morissette and Dido but then again that would be inaccurate in many ways, because she defies definitions bringing together folk, country and rock. Having played guitar and written songs from an early age she’s an accomplished singer-songwriter that does her own thing.

There are some gorgeous tracks on Another Day including the heart rending ‘MyLove’ which is like a musical description of the Norwegian landscape shewas born into. The best feature on the album is Marlin’s voice which isused like an instrument as it soars and swoops against a background of acousticguitars and strings. It brings tears to my eyes. Not all songs are sad, someare more upbeat and faster but, there’s always a feeling of melancholyin the distance.

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Happier tunes are Faces and Disguise that really don’t fit into any genre (folk-rock being the closest) but they’re still captivating nonetheless. ‘You Weren’t There’ shows Marlin’s storytelling prowess as she tells a father who left his kid how much they miss him making it a really affecting story. There’s something special about this record which turns it from another folk-rock-country album into a one-off.

Natasha Perry