Lena Dunham and Howard Stern have officially buried the hatchet, as Dunham accepted the shock jock’s apology and pointed out to him “I’m not that fat.” If you’re going to insult someone publicly, it may as well be a comedian, right Howard? We can only assume that’s what Stern was thinking when he decided to slate Dunham and her show, Girls (which, coincidentally, just landed her a couple of Golden Globes last weekend) after watching a couple of episodes and branding her “a little fat chick.”

His comments were met with a fair bit of consternation from Dunham’s army of fans though and Stern eventually backtracked, having watched a bit more of the show and deciding that, in actual fact, he was starting to ‘get’ the show and its creator, Dunham. Yesterday (January 16, 2013), New York Daily News reports, Lena called into Howard Stern’s radio show and said that she accepted his apology, though she made sure that she added “I’m not that fat, Howard. I’m not super-thin but I’m thin for, like Detroit.”

In fact, Stern has not only apologised but he seems to have become a real Lena Dunham enthusiast. “I’m on love with you and your character,” he told her. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I think you’re terrific.” Dunham accepted the apology with grace, saying “I appreciate your effort to rectify (this)...Whether you'd done that or not, I'd have remained a (Howard Stern) enthusiast.” 

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