Although Lena Dunham and Fun's lead guitarist Jack Antonoff have been dating for two solid years, the pair aren't planning on tying the knot until all states in the US legalize gay marriage, as of now only 19 states allow it.

Lena Dunham
Dunham and Antonoff have bene dating for two years

This topic arose when Dunham was interviewed by Howard Stern, and she told the SiriusXM radio host she just moved in with her "life partner," Antonoff. This led Stern to ask the 28 year-old actress if she is against marriage.

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"We're not against marriage but I wanna wait until it's something-my sister's gay and it just doesn't feel good to me to do something she can't do," she explained. "She can do it in some places but not all places."

Even though plans to walk down the aisle are currently on hold, Dunham still gushed about her hubby and how they make their relationship so great.

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"There's a room in our house where he goes and makes music. We were living in a studio apartment when I wrote the book and he made his album.," she said. "He goes into a room and doodles around on a keyboard and comes out and made magical things."

Dunham won't get married until her gay sister is legally allowed in all US states

However, one struggle they have to overcome is finding time to see each other despite having such busy work schedules. "We met and the day after we were apart for three months and so our relationship was sort of formed long distance, like that's what I became used to. But now, for the most part, we see each other.we try not to be apart for more than a week or two."

"I feel the more I'm alone, the more I turn into this rageful, hardened-shell of a woman," she continued. "I never get the feeling of like, 'Oh I wanna go out and'-I can curse on this show?-I'm never like, 'I wanna go out and f--k little boys.I wanna stay in and re-read Madame Bovary and never speak to anyone again. My boyfriend is definitely the person who prevents me from doing that."