Writer and actress Lena Dunham has agreed to pay the opening acts on her book tour after coming under fire in an article published by Gawker. Dunham, who is about to embark on a 12 date tour to promote Not That Kind of Girl', admitted that the article had raised "some good points" and she has subsequently changed her mind on the issue.

Lena DunhamLena Dunham will share the wealth after all

In the article questions were raised over the ‘Girls’ star’s decision not to pay her fellow performers, who were selected after an open call was put out online for video submissions. Seven performers were chosen and each act is local to the venue where Dunham is performing.

But the article pointed out how much money the tour was set to make as well as well as Dunham's annual earnings being estimated at over $6 million, not including the hefty $3.7 million advance she had received for Not That Kind of Girl.

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In a series of tweets the 27 year old announced her change of heart writing, “as an artist raised by artists, no one believes more than I do that creators should be fairly compensated for their work... This feature of the tour was meant to be a way to showcase local talent and I could not be more excited about it... Some good points were raised and I've ensured that all opening acts will be compensated for their time, their labour and their talents.”

Dunham ended by tweeting, “The fact that Gawker pointed this out really proves Judd Apatow‘s saying that ‘a good note can come from anywhere.’”

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Not That Kind of Girl hits US bookshelves today, September 30th. Her promotional tour will begin later in New York city before ending in Toronto on October 23, 2014.