Lena Dunham is determined to spread a message of "love and hope" with her new Netflix show.

The 37-year-old star has been busily working on 'Too Much' - which centres on a girl who moves from the US to London following a break-up - and Lena has given fans an insight into what they can expect.

Speaking about her "target audience", Lena told Variety: "We’re going for the girlies who pulled a geographic after a break-up. We’ve been shooting for three weeks and it’s been an amazing experience."

The new series will star the likes of Megan Stalter and Will Sharpe, and Lena hopes the show will help to spread some positive vibes.

She said: "I just love a woman in crisis getting what she deserves in the good way. And so that’s what we’re going for with that show.

"Also, speaking of this time in the world, trying to make something that’s loving and joyful and still hopefully sharp and incisive and all the naughty scenes that people are used to from me, but with a kind of underlying, underpinned message of love and hope."

Lena is perhaps best known as the creator and writer of 'Girls', the hit HBO series that ran from 2012 until 2017, and the actress has been amazed by the show's recent revival among younger people.

She said: "It’s crazy and wild and not something I expected.

"The cast and I, when we get sent a funny meme by someone, we’re sharing them. I’m going to be 38 in May; I started writing this show when I was 23. I felt like, 'If I make a pilot, wow, what a life experience.' So the fact that there’s anyone - I mean, people are still watching a show that came out before Instagram was invented?! What the heck?"