The Girls creator/star previously declared she would not consider tying the knot with fun. rocker Jack Antonoff until all couples in America had the right to marry.

Same-sex unions were legalised across the country in June (15) and Lena admits she was swamped with messages from friends expecting her to announce her own wedding plans.

"We were thrilled, we were celebrating," she tells U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. "And then suddenly the texts just started coming from our friends, from our mothers, from our exercise instructors. Being like finally it's your time. And we kind of looked at each other we were like, 'Oh God what have we done?'"

Lena goes on to insist she was not "hiding behind fake liberal ideals" but she is not going to get engaged just to prove a point.

"Those were our beliefs, but then... We're not gonna suddenly just get engaged because it (gay marriage) became legal, we (had) better wait for a moment where we feel excited about this and I'm excited to marry him at some point. But it felt like a lot of pressure to just go for it that day.

"I did start to ask, 'Are there a lot of heterosexuals using this as an excuse to avoid commitment?'"

After the gay marriage ruling, Lena shared an online essay in which she pondered whether marriage would be the right choice for herself and Jack.

"My desire for a wedding predated my ability to imagine any other kind of positive attention for myself, any other moment of triumph in my life," she wrote. "The fact is that wanting everyone to have the right to marry and wanting to be married are two very different things."

Lena's latest confession comes just weeks after the couple was hit with rumours of a split.

Last month (Sep15), Lena's downbeat posts on fuelled speculation the stars had parted ways.

But she proved the critics wrong by posting a picture of herself kissing Jack.

She added in a caption: "No, no. Believe it or not, ladies can have anxiety and troubles that aren't about getting dumped."