Lena Dunham turned to ''holistic'' hair growth treatments after her hysterectomy left her with ''thinning'' hair.

The 'Girls' creator underwent the medical procedure to remove her uterus after suffering with endometriosis - which causes tissue found in the lining of the uterus to grow outside the uterus - however, the ''hormonal shift'' caused by the surgery caused her to begin losing her hair.

She said: ''When an autoimmune disease and the hormonal shifts of a hysterectomy left me with thinning, patchy strands, the era of endless hair experiments that defined my twenties (bleached bowl cuts; green rockabilly curls; a severe auburn Posh Spice look; endless pixies) ended. When you have no hair to play with, there will be no play.''

The 34-year-old actress then turned to a range of techniques - both holistic and populist - to try and get her hair to grow back.

And although she can't say for sure if any of the treatments worked, she can now boast a full head of luscious locks.

She added: ''I committed myself to growth techniques - both holistic (scalp scrubs with salt and honey; washing and not washing), and more populist (biotin supplements, Sugarbear hair gummies) - and while I can't say for sure if it was due to any of these direct measures, or my body just re-balancing with help from my medical team, over the last two years my hair has grown fast and loose, and now I have more than I bargained for.''

Lena insists she doesn't believe a woman needs to have long hair to be considered ''feminine'', but says her own hair has come to represent ''hope''.

Writing in an article for Vogue magazine, she explained: ''It's important to state here that I do not believe hair makes the woman, nor that femininity is dependent on Crystal Gayle levels of length. My hair came to represent a period of real loss (relationships, fertility, the carefree nature of youth) and its return was something hopeful, even spiritual.''