Lena Dunham hosted and helped out the SNL team with a few sketches last night. And it was hilarious – mostly if you’re a Girls fan. Much has been written about Dunham’s Girls – mostly about its white-washed, middle-class, spoiled and completely self-unaware cast of characters. At least no one can say that Dunham herself lacks self-awareness though.

Lena Dunham, Girls SNL Premiere
Put Dunham and the SNL cast together and the fun never ends. Sort of.

In a sketch, based on the recent trend of religious flicks – Son of God and Noah being to prime examples – Taran Killan played Adam Driver as the Adam to Dunham’s Eve. The sketch was perfectly on point - wonder if it'll win the show some new viewers? Girls fans will recognize lines like: “Can you please not apple-shame me? I know I committed original sin, but at least it's original. I think I deserve some credit for that—or at least a publishing deal…”

Taran Killam
Taran Killam was the Adam to Dunham's self-obsessed Eve.

The rest was fairy standard Saturday Night Live fare, really. As is the theme of the season, were also sketches about the Oscars (hopefully the last batch of those), Obama and Putin, a Scandal parody and some not-so-topical gags about carpooling and… serial killers. You know, the usual. 

In case you’ve missed it, some of the best scenes are available on the NBC website.

Watch some of Dunham's SNL promos below.