Saturday Night Live has always been strong on the topical sketches, but Lorne Michaels and co. really nailed it this week, Using the chance to have guest host Lena Dunham do what she does best – act, while not wearing any clothes, SNL had her star in a Girls-meets-Genesis sketch that will be remembered through the ages.

Lena Dunham, Girl UK Premiere
What happens when you set Girls in the Garden of Eden? Not much changes, apparently.

Dunham played her character Hannah, except put in Eve’s non-existent shoes, while Taran Killam is Adam Driver as the actual original Adam. Well, no one can say that Dunham isn’t self aware after this sketch. With lines like: “Can you please not apple-shame me right now?” “Even for Adam and Eve, there’s a lot of nudity,” and “Seriously, I know I committed original sin, but at least it’s original and I think I deserve some credit for that. Or at least a publishing deal,” it’s a spot on impression of Dunham’s HBO show. Oh and there’s the golden “I’m three days old! I don’t even have health insurance” bit. Whoever wrote that sketch, clearly knows their stuff.

It’s essentially Girls, only with a limited cast and set in the Garden of Eden, instead of Brooklyn. Apparently molly and warehouse parties are still a thing though. There were other sketches with Dunham too, but Girl was definitely the one that people will remember from her first turn hosting SNL.

Watch the whole sketch below, courtesy of SNL's youtube channel.