Lena Dunham has spoken of her admiration for Taylor Swift, calling her “the most iconic performer of her generation.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the premiere of the fourth season of HBO’s ‘Girls’, the 28 year old actress said “Taylor is an incredible actor, she’s the most iconic performer of her generation, and she’s also one of my best friends.”

Taylor Swift Lena Dunham
Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham have been singing each others' praises in recent interviews

Dunham also left something of an open-ended invitation to the all-conquering pop star to make a guest appearance on her show. “If she wanted to come murder my character on the show, I’d let her. She can do anything she wants.” However, she did acknowledge that Swift is a little busy right now, “taking over the world,” as she put it.

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Swift, 24, is currently sitting atop the US Billboard 200 for an eighth non-consecutive week with her fifth album 1989, which was recently confirmed as the highest-selling album of 2014 with 3.7 million copies shifted. She recently complimented Dunham in an interview herself, saying that her and fellow singer Lorde were the “most important” people in her life.

The Entertainment Weekly interview saw Dunham sit down with her three ‘Girls’ co-stars Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke ahead of the return of the comedy-drama. It’s been hugely popular since it made its debut on American screens back in 2012, and no sooner is the fourth season upon us than HBO green-light a fifth for next year.

Dunham will also be guest starring in an episode of perennially popular ‘The Simpsons’ when it returns later this year for its 27th season. She'll be playing a pharmacist who becomes the target of Homer's love interest when his marriage with Marge goes awry (again).

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