Lena Dunham, everybody. The Girls creator guested on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday night and it served as the perfect occasion to bring back... wait for it... LIP SYNC BATTLE. Oh yeah! The two battled against each other over eight minutes, with Fallon trying his lips at Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been to Me” and RUN-DMC’s “Run’s House” and Dunham taking on Calvin Harris’ “Outside” (feat. Ellie Goulding) and Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

Lena DunhamWho knew Lena Dunham had so much diva in her?

Recently, Fallon has branched out and created a full show, based on his most successful skit. The show, aptly named Lip Sync Battle  is hosted by LL Cool J and airs on Spike TV. But Dunham wanted to go back to the source to find a platform for her – rather impressive – lip syncing talents.

“I love Lip Sync Battle and I love your new show Lip Sync Battle, but I’m a Lip Sync Battle purist, and I wanted to take back to home base,” Dunham said to Fallon after the battle was over. “And against you. As amazing as The Rock is, he’s not who I want to Lip Sync Battle. I want to Lip Sync Battle you.”

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Or the Jenner sisters: “I’ve been thinking about this. I think it would be Kendall and Kylie Jenner together. As a team. They can practice as long as they want,” Dunham said when asked about her dream competitors in the format.

It’s kind of a cool idea. Get on that, Fallon & co.  

Watch the video below.