‘Girls’ stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke have been unveiled as the stars of a new body-positive lingerie advertising campaign, appearing in an un-Photoshopped series of pictures for the brand Lonely.

In the photos, 30 year old Dunham and 31 year old Kirke, both prominent stars of the HBO comedy-drama favourite ‘Girls’, pose in a New York apartment in photos left deliberately unaltered in order to project a message of body confidence – which is in line with Lonely’s objectives.

The New Zealand-based company “celebrates the strength and individuality of women and creates lingerie, swimwear and clothing that embraces and empowers them,” according to its official website, and “aspires to showcase women wearing underwear in a way that we usually don’t see in mainstream advertising and the media.”

The brand told Dazed about their new campaign, the Lonely Girls Project, on Thursday (August 25th): “Instead of being objectified, the women who participate in these campaigns - in this case, Lena and Jemima - are empowered and exhibit real beauty that will hopefully help women everywhere feel a little more liberated.”

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Dunham has been openly critical of the overuse of Photoshop in the past, declaring on her own newsletter in March this year that she would refuse to allow magazines to digitally alter photographs of her.

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This happened after a highly publicised dispute with Spanish publication Tentaciones after she believed they had airbrushed and altered a cover shoot with her. “This is NOT what my body has ever looked like or will ever look like,” Dunham said. “The magazine has done more than the average photoshop.”

Tentaciones argued that they hadn’t actually done so, to which Dunham admitted that she was so used to seeing digitally rendered images of her that “I don’t recognize my own f***ing body anymore.”

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