The New York native travelled to the Far East in August (15) to shoot scenes for the upcoming fifth season of the show, but her stay was marred by illness.

However, Lena admits she was pleasantly surprised at how well treated she was by her doctor - and at how advanced their medical technology is.

"I got a urinary tract infection in Japan," she revealed to U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday (08Oct15). "It was the best medical care I've ever received. He (her doctor) was incredible.

"Usually you go to the doctor... and you pee in a cup and you have to write your name on it and leave it on the counter and everyone's looking at you handling your own urine.

"In Japan, where they think of everything, you pee into a cup and then there's a tiny cabinet just fit for a tiny urine cup. You put it in, and then someone else scuttles in, takes your urine cup and goes, so you never have to face the embarrassment of handing off your urine to another human being.

"It was incredible, and then usually the doctors really put you through it and ask you lots of question. (In Japan), I was like, 'I believe I have a urinary tract infection.' The doctor was like, 'I believe you do too, but let's have you pee in a cup just in case.' And then he gave me antibiotics and probiotics at the same time! Instead of just telling me, 'Go find yourself some probiotics.' And he gave me printed out images of both pills, lest I confused them, and put them all in an unmarked plastic bag and sent me on my way. I was like, 'This is the best place I've ever had a UTI! 'Cause I've had them all over the world!"

Lena confesses she typically carries her own medication to deal with her bladder infections, particularly after one really bad experience in Germany.

She continued, "The worst place was Germany. The communication with the doctor was bad... Her English wasn't great and... I had already taken the pill that kind of starts to soothe it (infection) that makes your urine bright orange, but I hadn't been able to express to her that I'd taken the pill, so I pee in the cup, hand it to her and she's like, 'Arghhh...!' So we started off on a bad foot (and) it just got worse..."