Lena Dunham was given a ring by Brad Pitt.

The former 'Girls' star has a close relationship with her 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' star and she recalled how kind and reassuring he was when she felt ''nervous'' at the UK premiere of the movie last summer.

Reminiscing about a viral red carpet picture in which Lena kissed Brad on the cheek while he gazed away from her, she said: ''I don't know if you remember, there was a sort of awkward photo taken of the two of us.

''Well, the way the internet read it was I had somehow physically accosted him, causing him a great deal of stress.

''I would never force a kiss on Brad Pitt. I respect him far too much as an artist and a friend.

''Later that night, because he knew I felt nervous, he took me into a room and we secretly ate pizza and I told him I like his ring and he gave it to me. And I wear it and every time I wear it, something amazing happens.''

The 34-year-old star hailed Brad as a ''truly kind person who can read the room'' and who made her ''feel pretty cool'' and she claimed he was responsible for one of the ''best things'' to ever happen to her.

She told 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen: ''When I showed up to set, I didn't have some major megastar part, I was in a really great ensemble of girls so, I didn't expect... I expected, you know, a friendly hello from Brad.

''And I think what happened was the best thing that's maybe ever happened to me.

''He was doing a scene where he was parking a car and he's supposed to get out and look around and he looked around and saw me at the edge of frame and came over and picked me up and spun me around.

''And it was like in one of those movies where the nerd shows up at the prom and the hottest guy at school is like, 'Would you care to dance?' ''