Lena Dunham has designed a plus-size clothing collection for 11 Honoré.

The 'Girls' creator - who made her catwalk debut at London Fashion Week in 2020 - has unveiled her five-piece line with the size-inclusive online retailer and vowed to end the perception that "bigger women" are "stupider" than thin girls.

Lena told The New York Times: “There’s so much judgment around bigger bodies and I think one of those judgments is that bigger women are stupider.

“They eat too much and don’t know how to stop. Thin women must be discerning and able to use their willpower. Bigger women must be limited in their understanding of the world, and they keep doing things that are bad for them.

“The amount of people who have written to me … [saying]: ‘You’re promoting obesity. Don’t you understand you’re killing yourself? Are you stupid? Why are you doing that?’”

The 34-year-old actress, writer and producer decided against including loungewear in her collection - which boasts a pinstriped blazer and miniskirt, a printed dress, a shirt and a mock-neck tank top - because: “If a thin girl wears sweatpants, it’s kind of cute – like, ‘I’m having a rough day!’ But for a chubby girl it’s: ‘You’ve made a lifestyle choice to give up.’”

Lena - who has "settled into a Size 14 to 16" - posted a year ago about being "body tolerant".

The 'Stand In' star admitted she doesn't always have a "positive" relationship with her body but there are times when she gets great pleasure from "admiring the twists and turns" of her shape and wearing something from "pleasing fabrics".

She shared a photo of herself in a black swimsuit and wrote on Instagram: "Ya know when you're home alone and you realize you'd be happier in a hot lil' onesie than your ketchup & cat food stained pajamas?

"And it's not about a boy or a photo shoot or a weight loss before-and-after, it's just for the feeling of glee you get from dressing your one and only corporeal form in pleasing fabrics, the unique pleasure of admiring the twists and turns of the body that loves the heck out of you even when you don't love it.

"I've never called myself "body positive" because my relationship with my curves and scars isn't overtly political-- it's wildly personal. And it isn't always positive.

"I take enormous comfort in the body positivity movement, but I think of myself as something more like "body tolerant." (sic)"

Lena has a number of health conditions, including endometriosis and rare disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and admitted that although they sometimes make her "resent" her body, she doesn't have such a "toxic" relationship with it any more.