Lena Dunham is celebrating two years ''clean and sober''.

The 'Girls' star is marking 24 months of sobriety and admits back then, she was so ''afraid to change''.

She wrote: ''Today I have 2 years clean and sober. It's a miracle I can't take for granted no matter how hard I try. Two years ago I didn't think I needed to get sober. But a quiet voice inside me said, 'lay it down for a moment' and then other, louder voices helped me keep it up. To those voices - you know who you are and thank you x infinity ... My heart pounds thinking of who I was two years ago. I was afraid to change but what actually happened was that I became myself again, a young and carefree self, a self who was clear in intention and bold in action and - most of all - free. We know, now more than ever, that we all need to be free. When I first got sober, people often told me it was the best choice they'd ever made, the achievement of which they're most proud. That seemed crazy - NOT doing something was the best thing they'd ever done???''

And the 33-year-old actress and writer has promised ''real help'' even for those who are ''beyond hope''.

She added: ''But they were right - not using and removing secrecy and self harm from my repertoire, has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. Not because it's perfect, but because it is really and truly mine *** There is real help available for people who feel they are beyond hope. So many people are waiting for you across a shaky but time tested bridge *** Now here is a picture of me smiling just because :) (sic)''