It’s finally here, or at least that’s how Lena Dunham put it when she announced that her highly anticipated book, Not That Kind of Girl, is set to be released on October 7, 2014.

Lena Dunham

The popular actor, write, director and basically everything-it-takes-to-get-something-done-er announced the news via her widely-followed Instagram account, following that up with a little Tweet to send her fans in the right direction. This, of course, was met with a tidal wave of excitement from the legions of dedicated Dunham-ites that follow her every move.

“YES YES YES YES YES the new Bible! I can't wait,” wrote ‏@thenuggetttt. “One of the rare "celebrity" books I'll totally read. And hopefully you and Alex and I will discuss it over cheddar bunnies,” wrote @freydkin. “Oh my god. Also this is my sisters birthday no lie--you are so in tune with my soul!!!! Can't wait mama!!!!!” wrote @JMAXEN.

The book has been in the making for, well, it’s difficult to say as it’s a collection of Dunham’s thoughts and essays, but officially it’s been in the making since October 2012, when the Girls creator signed a deal for “more than $3.5m” with Random House.

Susan Kamil, the editor-in-chief and publisher of Random House, confirmed the acquisition at the time, saying in a statement, “We’re thrilled to welcome Lena to Random House. Her skill on the page as a writer is remarkable — fresh, wise, so assured. She is that rare literary talent that will only grow from strength to strength and we look forward to helping her build a long career as an author.”

Random House described the book as “in the tradition of Helen Gurley Brown, David Sedaris, and Nora Ephron,” offering “frank and funny advice on everything from sex to eating to traveling to work.” 

The news comes as Dunham’s immensely popular ‘Girls’, which manages to capture Brooklyn’s trendy zeitgeist and relate to millions of people across the world at the same time, is deep into its fourth season on HBO.